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About Ceedevee Homes

Ceedevee Homes Panadura House Contractor

Working with you to create the home you'll love to live in

Ceedevee Homes build your dream home in your own land, to suit your budget and exact requirements. Ceedevee Homes have been in construction industry in Sri Lanka for 10 years.

Our construction will continue with supervision of professionally qualified and well experienced persons attached to our company. Our services will be provided from design level to construction completed level with continuous supervision and advice.

We recruited professionally qualified Architectures, Structural Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and Civil Engineers to look after your projects and complete it in trusted quality. Further company has appointed highly skilled masonry, electrical, plumbing workers and helpers. Experienced and result oriented individuals make up the pillars of Ceedevee Homes and an integrative team spirit bind these professionals together to expedite each project they undertake. Whilst timely project management and completion is a key focus area, Ceedevee Homes make no compromises in terms of delivering a truly signature finish in all its constructions by ensuring through supervision during each stage of construction.

Ceedevee Homes are a family business with strong community links

At Ceedevee Homes we love to support our local community in whatever way we can.

Our company currently supports the temples, local primary school and sponsors children's sports teams and support a number of local events throughout the year.

Message from Director Operations

The line of business of our company Architectural Practice and construction of buildings.

We inaugurated business in the year 2004 under the name of Ceedevee Homes as a Sole Proprietorship company. Within short period of only two years our business developed at a rapid pace and a limited liability company was formed with shareholders and named Ceedevee Homes (Private) Limited.

Since then our business had flourished due to the quality of our work and the publicity given by satisfied customers.We hope to progress further and provide a better service.

The main factor which has attracted customers to us is our ability to set a work schedule and stick to it. We guarantee to erect a two storey house within six months and a single storey house within four months.Furthermore we endeavor to come as close as possible to your ideas.In other words we make your dream become a reality.

Our clients range from multi-millionaires to middle class folk. We amend the terms of payment to suit your income.

We kindly invite you to visit our office and get an idea of the manner in which we could assist you. You could discuss your intentions with us and we could work out a package to suit your dream and income.Further, we invite you to visit our customers' sites with us and see our creative homes already completed. We are able and always ready to serve you.

C. R. Ratnayake
Director - Operations